What is My Area?

What is My Area?

  1. In My Area, customer can submit ticket and can also track their tickets' status or respond to comments from the same interface. 
    In My Area, it has Create Ticket and Add Topic. 

Create Ticket 

In the Create Tickets section, customers can create tickets themselves on the form with defined fields. The defined fields include the following aspects 

  1. Contact No. 

  1. Order id 

  1. Subject 

  1. Description  

  1. Reason 

  1. Ticket Classification 

  1. File field 

The ticket must be in web form so that it can be embedded on a website for hassle-free ticket submission. 

My Tickets 

In My Ticket section, customers can check the status of the ticket & ticket history from My Ticket Section. Customers can take action such as cancelling the ticket & reopening the ticket. 

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