How to apply Discount Coupons?

How to apply Discount Coupons?

Please click on the link below to check on how to apply discount

Please click on the link below to check on how to apply esewa discount:
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    • What are the Discount Coupons available?

      Coupon Code Min Cart Value Discount Amount BIGDEAL300 2500 300 BIGDEAL550 5000 550 BIGDEAL1650 15000 1650 BIGDEAL2150 20000 2150 BIGDEAL4000 45000 4000 BIGDEAL6000 65000 6000
    • How to Use Discount Voucher

      1. Click on the desired Product. 2. Select size, color (if required), and quantity. Click on “Add to Cart”.  After you are done with selecting the items, click on ‘Go to Cart’.  3. Click on explore coupon to check available coupons. Then select the ...
    • Will customers get discount on every purchase?

      No, the offer is valid for one time per customer on his/her 1st transaction during campaign period.
    • Can I use more than 2 coupons at a time?

      Coupon can be used only one time at the time of order placement. 
    • How do I know if coupon code is available?

      1. You can check the available coupon details in our coupon center which can be accessed easily from the product page on the website. 2. You can check the coupon center in the mobile app for the availability of discount coupons. 3. You can also check ...