How do I know if coupon code is available?

How do I know if coupon code is available?

1. You can check the available coupon details in our coupon center which can be accessed easily from the product page on the website.

2. You can check the coupon center in the mobile app for the availability of discount coupons.

3. You can also check the available coupons on the Website home page, Facebook and Insta Sastodeal   Page . All the coupon details will be available on the page.  Or you can message or call us at 01-597-0000 for coupon details.

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    • If my order is cancelled, will I get my coupon code back with my refunds?

      Yes, if you place an order using a coupon code and the order is returned or canceled, you can contact us at live chat, FB page or call us at 01-597-0000. However, the coupon validity will be the same as the original voucher so you can only use the ...
    • What do I do if the coupon code is not working?

      Please make sure that you have applied the correct voucher code. If it still does not work, please check the voucher validity date to confirm if it has expired. All coupons has an expiry date and should be used before that. And this coupon will ...
    • How to know the items available on my cart?

      Steps: 1. Go to the 2. Click on My Account and Sign In.  3. Click on My Cart.
    • How to Use Discount Voucher

      1. Click on the desired Product. 2. Select size, color (if required), and quantity. Click on “Add to Cart”.  After you are done with selecting the items, click on ‘Go to Cart’.  3. Click on explore coupon to check available coupons. Then select the ...
    • Can I use more than 2 coupons at a time?

      Coupon can be used only one time at the time of order placement.